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> I do know the next version of windows, agian is supposed to be released
> without DOS and be completely NT based even for the home user (but so was
> WinMe at first), in fact the next version will not even be called Windows,
> forget what it is going to be called, I read it somewhere and it still
> starts with a W. If I remember I will let you know, unless someone else
> knows?

It's called "Whistler." Nice name, LoL!  Bill's thought, "Hmm... The name
'Windows' is getting old. If we change the name, people will think it is
better!" Anyway, I read the Whistler is supposed to be a combination of the
NT kernel with the standard Windows 9x/ME functions. A few sites got their
hands on a beta-version of Whistler and tested it with tons of games, and it
did ok. Remember it is based on NT, which isn't geared towards games too
much. But also remember that NT supports multiple processor. Try playing UT
on a dual-1.5Ghz machine! Of course, you could always do that in Linux.

> As far as Win2K better than Linux....  You will get mixed responses from
> different people. MY OPINION: remeber this is just an opinion, Win2K has
> nothing on linux...  Linux is by far better than Win2K.  One thing better
> about linux is... well you have the source code for the entire OS <g>
> are many other reason I believe this however seeing as this is an OT
> I will not go into more detail!

Can't argue with you there.  :)

- Greg

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