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  • Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 12:11:18 +0000

At 18/12/2000 00:51:00, you wrote:
>I agree. Even Windows hasn't evolved into a 32-bit operating system. Some of
>you may not know this, but even Windows ME is 16-bit. Microsoft is
>definitely trying to get rid of DOS though, you need to boot from a floppy
>to use DOS in ME. But DOS is there, probably hidden somewhere in the Windows

Yes, good old DOS is still located in the COMMAND folder, though you can't
boot into like you used to (unless you have an old floppy handy). Windows still
has legacy 16-bit underpinnings, and frankly I can't see that disappearing just
yet (I know.... M$ have been bleating about removing it for ages!).

>directory. BTW, I hated Windows ME. How is it any better than 98?

Better? I suppose it's a matter of taste and hardware. I had 98SE running in my
new system previously and it crashed badly twice within a fortnight, taking
most of my data with it. ME improved things by allowing 'roll-back' and refusing
to overwrite system DLLs and VXDs with new ones from the installations
of new free software (for which many Calmira list members may know I have a
penchant!). Result: no crashing and much better recovery. It also boots much
more quickly and has very nice graphic handling properties.

However: YMMD

Seems mostly the result you get depends on what your machine is.

>But staying on topic, Calmira is doing a great thing for Windows 3.1. We
>should keep Calmira alive for Windows 3.1, but maybe we should also create a

That's exactly what I meant. I think it would be highly popular, and give the
interface a new lease of life.

By the way, just in case anyone thought I'd left the 'ancient machine user'
category, my home network contains:

The new 600 MHz Pentium 3, Windows ME
My much-loved (and much tweaked) Calmira-running DX2 486 66 MHz
Two 286s (one 12 Mhz and another 20 Mhz), running OpenDOS 7
My portable Toshiba DX2 50 (running Windows 95)

.. and what is more amazing they all do 'talk' to each other.

Sorry for getting off-topic chaps. Merry Christmas!

Bob Groves

'A closed mouth gathers no feet' (Anon)

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