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  • Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 17:03:55 +0100 (CET)

Hi Erwin!

02 May 2003, Erwin Dokter <e.dokter@xxxxxxx> wrote:

 >> * If I share a drive, than the icon in the calmira explorer vanishes
 >> ... eg instead of the drive/folder symbol with a hand below it, I
 >> get nothing :) Is it possible that the shared drive/folder icons
 >> didn't make it into calmira ?
 ED> You have an old copy of explrico.bmp in your Calmira directory. Remove
 ED> it and it will show corrctly.
thanx ! it did the trick
shouldn't calmira notice the change and update its iconcache ?

 >> * and the other problem is, that DOS windows have no icon in the
 >> taskbar
 ED> How did you start the DOS window? If you started it from the start
 ED> menu or shortcut, it should show the icon from the start menu,
 ED> otherwise it should show the default 'little blue screen'.

Started it from the desktop with icon progman(9)
started from quick launch bar in the taskbar
and started it from the start menu

all the same ... taskbar shows only a white rectangle.
but alt-tab shows the blue dos icon

any idea how to get an icon in the taskbar ?

 ED> Erwin Dokter

CU, Ricsi

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