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  • Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 22:18:25 EDT


Everything I needed was here... one stop, one place....  >BIG SMILE<


Hey.... is there any chance I could post some of your files to my own 
webpage?  I won't link to your file, I'll DL and UL it to my own site.... I 
have been currently searching through every Win3 page I can find.... Was 
thinking of putting together my own page...  I don't know HTML hardly at all. 
 I want to totally create and maintain a website using only my Toshiba 
486sx33...  I think it would be an interesting feat to say the least.  Any 
decent WYSIWYG web editors for Win3 with IE5?  Hehe... IE 5...  16bit... 

I have WfWG3.11 installed with Win32s and Video for Windows.  Does anyone 
know if I could network this beast with my WinXP tower?  If so, do ya think 
you could enlighten me?  I have yet to buy a NIC for the laptop, I can't 
exactly afford one if it won't work.  Then again, I can't afford one 
period...  But it's a computer thing... :o)

Does anyone have any experience with RamDoubler?  The Win16 program on 
PCFreak's site...  I downloaded it, but have yet to install it... I already 
have 20 megs of ram, that *should* be plenty, right?  What would y'all 
suggest?  Also, anyone know where to buy CMOS batteries for ancient laptops?  
Both batteries are shot (CMOS and the actual power source battery).  I 
wouldn't mind getting a working/chargable battery, but I need the clock to be 
right first.

Anyone know if the 'quick port' or ballpoint something or other mouse 
connectors on Toshiba laptops are pin compatable with normal peripherals?  I 
ask because I think the ps/2 port for a mouse on this thing is dead.... and 
the mouse that clicks onto the side (quick port?) sucks.  Right clicking is 
sooooo not nice.

PS- PCFreak, Thank you for being the only source for the ancient 16 bit AOL 
software...  You alone have enabled the internet on my 'new' old laptop.  I 
think AOL has the files somewhere, but version 8.0 hides so much of their 
file database I couldn't find it.

I guess I shall take leave now.... awfully long email... Sorry....


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