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  • From: ricsi@xxxxxx (Richard Menedetter)
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  • Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 15:01:57 +0100 (CET)

Hi BEN09880!

01 May 2003, BEN09880@xxxxxxx wrote:

 B> I have WfWG3.11 installed with Win32s and Video for Windows.  Does
 B> anyone know if I could network this beast with my WinXP tower?
yes ... should be no problem.
I use calmira and connect to a linux samba server without problems.

PS: I have some small problems with calmira:
* If I share a drive, than the icon in the calmira explorer vanishes ...
eg instead of the drive/folder symbol with a hand below it, I get nothing :)
Is it possible that the shared drive/folder icons didn't make it into calmira ?
* and the other problem is, that DOS windows have no icon in the taskbar

 B> If so, do ya think you could enlighten me?
Install microsoft network, and use the same workgroup as the XP box uses.
If you want to be able to access the win3.11 ressources from the XP box, you
have to also enable file sharing on it.

 B> Does anyone have any experience with RamDoubler?
yes ... a bit

 B> The Win16 program on PCFreak's site...  I downloaded it, but have yet
 B> to install it... I already have 20 megs of ram, that *should* be
 B> plenty, right?
Ram doubler doesn't double ram :)
it manages the GDI and User Heaps better.

 B> What would y'all suggest?
try it.
It is a single .386 file, if you don't want it any longer you can comment out
the line in system.ini

 B> Benj

CU, Ricsi

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