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Now you're talking!

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I agree. Now, if we could have a BP/XM My Phi combo! (OK. But I can
dream, can't I?)

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>>> slicht@xxxxxxxxx 08/18/05 01:14PM >>>
If there had to be a radio... and I hope not... so would I.  There is 
nothing on the FM band I would spend extra money to listen to.

At 08:55 AM 8/18/2005, you wrote:
>Preference thing. I'd rather have an AM than an FM radio. <GRIN>
>Bruce Toews
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>On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, James Nuttall wrote:
>>Let's think creatively and not under estimate the wonderful
>>that are taking place every day with technology.  USB 2.0 goes
>>even debate.  When I looked at me other new features recommended I
>>see any dramatic size increase or in increasing costs.  Also
something to 
>>consider is FM radio on a chip.  This FM radio chip cost $10 and as
>>manufacturer says who can't afford to put an FM radio in every device
>>that cost.  Adding functionality like a PDA calendar would most
likely be 
>>a software issue.  Let's really think outside the box because when
>>do upgrade the hardware there are lots of possibilities that might
>>work out well.
>>Jim Nuttall -- Michigan
>>LARRY SKUTCHAN <lskutchan@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Chop chop (there goes your head).
>>Seriously, we are planning a hardware upgrade before the parts
>>unavailable. I do not have any information yet on time lines or
>>paths, but you good folks on this list will be the first to know.
>>>>>dogriver@xxxxxxxx Wednesday, August 17, 2005 11:49:00 PM >>>
>>I may get beheaded again, but I'd like to know just how old the guts
>>the BP are, and how likely it is that the components that make up
>>guts are still going to be available cheaply in the future.

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