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To obtain the horsepower you are speaking of, more batteries might have to be added, and that would at least mean more weight. It's okay to dream.

At 09:35 PM 8/17/2005, you wrote:

I think the problem with this discussion is that those that are wanting
additional functionality are fully aware of the fact that basically, it is a
new BookPort that is being envisioned, and not the current device.  Folks
that like the device the way it is are going to be fine, because it would be
a totally new model.  With regard to technology, the old saying "if it ain't
broke, don't fix it!" can't apply.  If it did, we would still be back in the
dark ages.

I also agree that the current BookPort is absolutely wonderful.  However, I
can easily envision a new model with more horse power, and the ability to do
just about everything I have seen mentioned here.

I also think that one shouldn't assume that you have to sacrifice size and
weight to gain functionality.  With today's technology, I don't believe one
has to make that sacrifice.  Just my 2 cents worth of course.

--Best regards,

--Rick Alfaro

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Yucky.  I'd much rather keep doubletalk.  Eloquence isn't.  I'll use it if
it is the easiest to get to, but if I'd have to pay more for it I'd rather
use doubletalk.

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>So I'm not the only one who remembers those audio magazines, eh?  While
>we're talking wishlist, eloquence, please?  please?  I mean, doubletalk
>is ok, but I'd be willing to pay for eloquence.
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>> Are you kidding? All those junky products recommended in those old
>> audio computer magazines? <KIDDING>
>> Bruce
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>> On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, Richard Ring wrote:
>>> Good point.
>>> I mean, Bruce, you'd never buy a junky product!
>>> (smile)
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>>> I'm a satisfied customer too. But I don't make suggestions for junky
>>> products.
>>> Bruce

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