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You'll probably be jacking up the price to about $600, but hey, it's
only money!
I like usb 2.0 support, 
And I like 4 gig card support.  Frankly, the rest of the features you
want don't make much difference to me one way or the other.
I understand why they might be on a wish list, but for me, I am not all
that concerned about many of your requests chiefly because I don't read
audio books with the machine nor do I play mp3 files very often.

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Here is my more realistic wish list for the BP. I have a dishwasher now.
realize that some of these suggestions would require a hardware change, 
but for what it's worth, here's the list.

1. USB 2-enabled; the speed difference is substantial.
2. A true lock mode that doesn't activate the unit every time a key is 
3. Seek to time feature; seeking by time is fine for short files, but
to time would still, in my mind, be desirable.
4. Direct, no-vonversion-necessary, OGG Vorbis support.
5. Option for an externally audible beep to indicate recording. The
feature is really nice, but it gets less convenient if you have to put
a pair of headphones each time to get the audible varification that
6. Independent volume controls for voice and audio.
7. More memory in the unit and a more modern processor, so that things 
like necessary conversions, grade two translation, etc. could be done in

the unit and on the fly.
8. 4-GIG CF card support.
9. Correct mapping of the stereo channels to the correct speakers.
10. Still-finer control of volume.
11. Eliminate transfer limit of 250 MB
12. Ability to sort directory listings automatically so files play in 
correct order.

1. Third battery to run the clock.
2. Ability to write error messages to files so that line numbers need
be memorized.
3. Memorize latest point read in a file in case that point was 
inadvertently navigated away from; should work for audio and text files.

I would gladly pay for a new unit incorperating these features, and I 
would gladly beta test those new features.

Just my wish list. I'M NOT WHINING.

Bruce Toews
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