[blindreplay] Re: WXYT station via Replay Guide working

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The interesting thing about that link is that I could access the station by
pasting and opening it within the main open dialog of IE, but it didn't work
when directly accessed from My Favorites.  I was so glad to get it I just
went the long way around and never mentioned it on Blindtech.  I always
wondered why it wouldn't open as a Favorite.  I still enjoy the station.  

I have never looked for Music Of Your Life on Replay, but it will be
interesting to see if it can be found, or if that link does work.  


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some sites use their own jump links to accomplish things.
By jump link I mean that the link you see is linked to the real url which
then accesses the stream.
Bill Sparks does this a lot, the urls in the Realplay AV database do this,
and I believe so does Vtuner.
Radiotime also does something similar.
If you *must* have the true url, use the url finder in RAV or a media player
There is an advantage to the jump link concept, as I call it.
The jump link doesn't have to change even if the underlying url changes so
long as those maintaining the database internally update.

I recall that discussion of Music of Your life; and it was through Vtuner
that I finally was able to give you something that you could bookmark and
get to directly.
I wasn't using RAV at the time; you've got my curiosity stirred and I should
see what the urlfinder does with that VTuner link.

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