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I don't know if JAWS has an official function for this, but if I want to mark 
something in a book that I will want to come back to, I just put in a couple of 
symbols which are not likely to appear naturally such as $$ or ~.  I actually 
use the tilde when reading in the Pac Mate and want to check something in Word 
later, or just don't feel like checking something trivial until later.

There are probably more sophisticated ways of doing that which experts will 
probably mention on this list, but that's what I do.

Take care.

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  Hi all,

  I'm beginning my first validation, and things are going swimmingly except for 
one small problem.  Can't seem to find a way to bookmark my place within the 

  I'm using Jaws 7, and sure would like to find a solution, since further on 
into the book, I might have to hit the page down key hundreds of times 

  Anyone have any suggestions?


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