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Dear Ernie,

I'm delighted to see you here and that you are a fellow validator. I'm probably 
the least knowledgeable computer user here, but I'll tell you how I mark my 
place because it works so quickly. I eather remember or note the page I'm on 
when I stop for the day. I do my validating with microsoft word. When I open 
the file to start work again I press control f for find. I type the page number 
in the field and press enter. Magically, the cursor lands on the page number 
I've asked for. After pressing escape to make the find dialogue box disappear, 
I'm ready to get to work. 

Since we have similar reading interests, I hope you'll  tell the list the name 
of and perhaps your long synopsis of each book you upload as chances are good 
I'll want to read it.

Keep up the good work. Continue asking questions here or off list. I've gotten 
invaluable help here, but ask a few people questions directly off list when I'm 
feeling a bit embarraassed about all of the things I still don't know, which is 
a bit silly since everyone here has always been kind.

Always with love,

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  Hi all,

  I'm beginning my first validation, and things are going swimmingly except for 
one small problem.  Can't seem to find a way to bookmark my place within the 

  I'm using Jaws 7, and sure would like to find a solution, since further on 
into the book, I might have to hit the page down key hundreds of times 

  Anyone have any suggestions?


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