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There's no need to actually download the file again since it will be the
same as the one you previously downloaded.  You will need to get control of
the book again though, so you'll need to begin the download process by
hitting the Download button then hitting Save.  Once you get the dialog box
where you specify where to save the book, the Bookshare system will have
already assigned the book to you, so you can hit Escape and skip the actual
download.  You can verify the book has been assigned to you for validation
by pulling up the Step 2 page.


If this doesn't work any more because of a change that's been made to
Bookshare, then go back through the entire download process and save the
file to a different folder or under a different name if you like then delete
it since it will be the same as the one you originally downloaded.


Once the book shows up on your Step 2 page again, you can continue
validating the book using the file you're already working on.








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I just received a notice from Bookshare that my week of editing on my first
book has expired and that if I wanted to continue with it, I could go and
get it from the download page, if someone else had not grabbed it.  Yet, the
file is still in my validation directory.


Do I continue to work on this file, delete it and get a new copy, or just
wot?  Also, if I re-download the book, will the changes I've already made be
there, or am I gonna have to start over?




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