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It depends on which program you are using for validating. Most programs  do 
have a find command, so you can type a string you wouldn't typically find, like 
a rarely used word, name, or bunch of stars and then use the find command to 
jump directly there. At that point you remove the string and continue reading. 
Or many programs, including Microsoft Word, also has a go to page  command. 
Otherwise I typically use Kurzweil, which not only has a go to page command, 
but it also has easy bookmark commands where you can place a book mark and 
later navigate to with ease. I'm Sure OpenBook must have something similar.
  In the cases of using bookmarks then I'm fairly sure they aren't shown later 
after uploading so you don't have to remove them. In fact,   I don't even know 
how to do so.
  Now, I'll be willing to help give specific directions, but first you have to 
tell me which program you are using and which method you prefer.
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  Hi all,

  I'm beginning my first validation, and things are going swimmingly except for 
one small problem.  Can't seem to find a way to bookmark my place within the 

  I'm using Jaws 7, and sure would like to find a solution, since further on 
into the book, I might have to hit the page down key hundreds of times 

  Anyone have any suggestions?


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