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Hi Charlie,

It is kind of you to ask how we prefer the book.  I have been reading
Braille all my life and have seen just about everything as far as how it
appears on the page.  So I just take it however I get it and am still awed
to be able to surf the net with my Braille display.  NNow if you were
pouring a liquid foor me I might not be so easy to please!  <smile>

Sue S.

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Good afternoon, Sue

Sure, I know how to do it.  I also know how to pour liquids, but you have to
tell me whether you coffee, tea, or wine.<smile>

This book is non-fiction, and I suppose it could be used as a textbook.
However, it could also be used simply for pleasure reading.

The trend I'm seeing here is for inclusion of print page numbers, so I think
that's the way I'll go.


At 01:10 PM 2/26/2005 -0600, you wrote:

  Hi Charlie,

  I vote for textbook format unless a book  is exclusively for pleasure
  reading..  If I remember correctly didn't you say thiis one is text?  You
  seem to know more about how it is done than any of us.  <smile>>

  Sue S.

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