[bksvol-discuss] Re: dictionaries?

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Thanks Roger.
As for synopses that process, while always a great need in the collection
and a perfect fit for volunteers, is only available to in-house
volunteers. The issue is that our catalog is linked to other databases and
there is no way to limit off-site access to only the synopsis function. A
solution to this has been in the request queue for quit some time. I will
be certain to let everyone know when it is possible to help with synopses
from a distance.



On 7/12/11 5:34 PM, "Roger Loran Bailey" <rogerbailey81@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>As for writing reviews, you can always do that by picking out any book in
>the collection and going to the bottom of the detail page and clicking
>link to leave a review. As for writing synopses, that has been discussed
>here, but I forgot exactly what you should do so I will let someone else
>answer that one. As for buying a Victor Reader Stream, I would suggest
>subscribing to the Stream users list. I would give you the information
>how to do so, but every time I try that on this list Free Lists
>it as a command and bounces my message. Let me add a point. It would be a
>good idea for you to place your reply at the top of the quoted material.
>When it is at the bottom those of us who use screen readers must arrow
>to look for your message.
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>> On 7/12/2011 7:59 PM, Valerie Maples wrote:
>>> TTS is how Sheina has expanded her vocabulary and if a word sounds
>>> really odd to her, she will come get me and ask if it is right.  We
>>> have expanded the exception dictionary to accommodate dialect, proper
>>> nouns, and things like that.
>>> Valerie
>>> On Jul 12, 2011, at 5:57 PM, Charisma wrote:
>>>>> Actually, that gives me a pretty good laugh--what if someone learned
>>>>> to speak by ONLY hearing words spoken aloud by TTS?  lol
>>             I am new to the list, but I had to comment on what a
>> beautiful name I think Sheena is.  Is she your daughter?  I am
>> visually-impaired, and I wanted to introduce myself.  I am Eden Kizer,
>> and i have been a Bookshare member for over 2 years.  I thought i would
>> volunter, but everything seems to be scanning and proofreading.  I
>> thought there was also a need for synopses and reviews.  Is that no
>> longer a good way to volunteer?  Also, does anyone know where I might
>> get a used Victor Stream or other portable daisy player as I find the
>> NLS player is cumbersome to put in my purse or cary around?  I could not
>> find the right address for the main bookshare list so please accept my
>> apologies for putting this here.  If anyone knows where i can get a used
>> or player on payments, please write
>> eden420@xxxxxxxxxxx
>> I would also like to know if i can still be of any use volunteering
>> since I am a poor proofreader and have no scanner right now, but I am
>> very good at getting synopses and writing reviews.  Thanks for all that
>> you do.
>> Eden Kizer
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