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As for writing reviews, you can always do that by picking out any book in the collection and going to the bottom of the detail page and clicking the link to leave a review. As for writing synopses, that has been discussed here, but I forgot exactly what you should do so I will let someone else answer that one. As for buying a Victor Reader Stream, I would suggest subscribing to the Stream users list. I would give you the information about how to do so, but every time I try that on this list Free Lists interprets it as a command and bounces my message. Let me add a point. It would be a good idea for you to place your reply at the top of the quoted material. When it is at the bottom those of us who use screen readers must arrow down to look for your message.

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On 7/12/2011 7:59 PM, Valerie Maples wrote:
TTS is how Sheina has expanded her vocabulary and if a word sounds
really odd to her, she will come get me and ask if it is right.  We
have expanded the exception dictionary to accommodate dialect, proper
nouns, and things like that.


On Jul 12, 2011, at 5:57 PM, Charisma wrote:

Actually, that gives me a pretty good laugh--what if someone learned
to speak by ONLY hearing words spoken aloud by TTS?  lol

            I am new to the list, but I had to comment on what a
beautiful name I think Sheena is.  Is she your daughter?  I am
visually-impaired, and I wanted to introduce myself.  I am Eden Kizer,
and i have been a Bookshare member for over 2 years.  I thought i would
volunter, but everything seems to be scanning and proofreading.  I
thought there was also a need for synopses and reviews.  Is that no
longer a good way to volunteer?  Also, does anyone know where I might
get a used Victor Stream or other portable daisy player as I find the
NLS player is cumbersome to put in my purse or cary around?  I could not
find the right address for the main bookshare list so please accept my
apologies for putting this here.  If anyone knows where i can get a used
or player on payments, please write

I would also like to know if i can still be of any use volunteering
since I am a poor proofreader and have no scanner right now, but I am
very good at getting synopses and writing reviews.  Thanks for all that
you do.

Eden Kizer

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