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Typically we do not tackle dictionaries at all. We let publishers become our 
partners and send us their epub version to convert. The manual process is slow 
and painful. The outsourced process is hugely expensive.

All that said, there is no reason why a group of intrepid pioneers from this 
community might not band together to try to solve the problem bit by bit.

After all Benetech's founder Jim Fruchterman would love to see those volunteers 
who like challenges to try developing their skills to a level surpassing the 
outsourcer teams.

The only thing I caution is patience. If a group of you begin to share ideas on 
something like this dictionary/encyclopedia know that it will take months to 
complete. Work on it s a side project while you also do some Level 1 and 2 
books. Finishing a book like this is a real satisfaction - as our cookbook 
wizards and coffee table book experts know - but the most valuable part of a 
project like this will be proving that this community has the capacity to turn 
out books of this degree of complexity.

And, by all means, document what you learn so that others do not need to 
reinvent what you have done!

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Sort of on the subject of what Scott was talking about but off enough
to start a new thread...

I have checked out a fabulously fun book on Spy information that is in
an encyclopedia/dictionary format.

It would be a really long thing to scan and fix up, but fun for sure,
BUT I have no idea how we would handle the pronunciation parts of the
entries. Maybe (not sure) it might work out to read in Braille, but in
TTS it is going to be either very weird or repetitious, as if the word
is being pronounced twice in a row for no reason. Certainly it will
not help as a pronunciation guide.

Actually, that gives me a pretty good laugh--what if someone learned
to speak by ONLY hearing words spoken aloud by TTS?  lol

OK, back on task here, how do we handle dictionaries? Or do we?

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