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Hi all,

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I was just informed that at the top of pages in this book it is cursive so what do i do there? amber, G.

Well, you've got to get rid of the headers on each page anyhow, but if the cursive writing is in a quote or a note in the text, you'll have to type it in, just like it is in the Harry Potter books, e.g. in Book III where Harry is given the Marauder's Map.

BTW, your problem is baffling, not baffelling or baffulling. Sorry, but poor Paul here doesn't know quite what to make of your subject line. <smiling> Hey, I had to look up "marauder". English has so many interesting words. I love them all. Problem is that English, unlike other languages, is a polyglot language. It has: Celtic, Norse, German, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Arabic, and many more languages in it. That's how come we have such a devil of a time trying to spell anything. Now, that, is truly baffling!

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