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Actually my family discovered this little site about a year ago and love it.  
The meats, and other items are great, and they do holiday boxes too, good 
prices for someone who is single or two people.

Shelley L. Rhodes, M.A., VRT
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    Hi Monica and all,

  Here is a sight with groceries at an affordable price.
  They come in ready meals or a pack with groceries.
  The price is $30 for a box 
  or $28 for ready made meals
  a $60 or so value
  everyone and Anyone qualifies 
  you just place the order and pick it up on the day specified.

  You can get quite a bit for $28 or $30 depending on which pack you choose.
  and they have other boxes like a produce box or a grilling meat box to choose 
from after you choose one of the basic boxes.
  It will help stretch groceries $$$.

  Hope this will help someone.

  Laura Ann

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