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Scanning is the easy part. I can do a larger book one page at a time at about
10-15 seconds/page. Smaller hardcovers and paperbacks I scan in two-page mode,
and each two pages takes 10-15 seconds. I read along as I scan to be sure the
entire document is not a mess when I’ve finished it, but after scanning I
correct scannos, pagebreaks, page numbering, strip headers, spellcheck, and
check for missed paragraph breaks. I make sure all chapter headings are
present, and since I do that I usually put in the DAISY navigation fonts. If,
in doing these things, I identify pages that have not scanned well, or are
missing letters, for example, I may rescan a page or two, or go through the
page with missing letters and add them in.

When a proofreader gets a book from me, they shouldn’t find many errors—but
they still need to read through the entire book, because some errors are always

Probably about 15-20 hours per book, depending on how big and how messy.


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For you guys who scan, how long does it take to scan a novel of, say, 200 to
300 pages, something with straightforward fonts, no footnotes or illustrations?
I know it's different depending on the type of scanner you use, and your
software, and how difficult it is to scan a particular book based on its
binding and age, but I'd really appreciate any ballpark figures you can share.



Judy s.
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