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Hi Judy,

Hard covers are faster than paperbacks for me as they’re usually cleaner.
Sometimes I’ll do them in spurts, but I’d say a 300-page novel usually takes an
hour to 75 minutes, give or take.

Sometimes I’ll scan the whole book and then go back and scan a couple pages if
they were messed up; other times I’ll stop when one messes up, work on what’s
done and then continue. Some people scan one page at a time, and I do two at a
time though.

Hope this helps.


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For you guys who scan, how long does it take to scan a novel of, say, 200 to
300 pages, something with straightforward fonts, no footnotes or illustrations?
I know it's different depending on the type of scanner you use, and your
software, and how difficult it is to scan a particular book based on its
binding and age, but I'd really appreciate any ballpark figures you can share.



Judy s.
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