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It's the editing which seems to take the most time. I can crank out 2-3 scans
a minute if the book is good quality and doesn't require much redoing. But
making myself read the thing usually requires more effort these days.
Just doing the book and going through the Ranked Spelling may take about a
day's worth. When I first started out I thought that just scanning and
spellchecking/ranked spelling was good enough. It didn't take long before I
realized that that didn't do the kind of job I would want to read.

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For you guys who scan, how long does it take to scan a novel of, say, 200 to
300 pages, something with straightforward fonts, no footnotes or illustrations?
I know it's different depending on the type of scanner you use, and your
software, and how difficult it is to scan a particular book based on its
binding and age, but I'd really appreciate any ballpark figures you can share.



Judy s.
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