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I have escaped scanner's elbow but not scanner's upper arm, shoulder and neck. I am experimenting with rearranging my work area when I am scanning to see if the scanner can be right in front of me and my keyboard on my lap or some such arrangement - I haven't gotten it right yet but as everything except the monitor will end up on my bed with me it means rearranging everything when I scan and then returning everything to "normal" when I am not. It is either do that or something similar or give up scanning and that is not an option.  Where there is a will and when I find the way I will share it but in the meantime all suggestions will be appreciated.

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For those who do a lot of scanning, do you ever experience inflamation and/or soreness in your elbow or forearm from pressing down on books? I'm asking because I've just been told that I have tennis elbow, but of course, I don't play tennis. So I think I'll call it scanner's elbow instead. (smile) I'm only partly joking. I've been told that I have to find a new way to scan books where my elbow doesn't flex while pressing down. I never really gave much thought to the mechanics of scanning a book until now. Has anyone else encountered this? If so, how have you dealt  with it? I think it's time to rearrange my desk.

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