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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 11:02:44 -0700

I'll preface my remarks by saying I've had a prior ruptured right
radial tendon. Having said thus, I recently got a plustech opticbook
because I was no longer able to use a flatbed scanner due to the elbow
pain & numbness in my fingers.

Ibuprofin helps w/the pain--the problem is that, in masking it, u may
be doing more damage to the lateral epicondyle & its surrounding
structures because you're able to keep doing what's causing damage in
the 1st place. A brace can help, especially in the acute phase, but
care needs to be taken, as longterm use may cause decreased muscle
tone, which will worsen the situation in the long run. Exercises to
strengthen the surrounding musculature, once the acute phase has
ended, is indeed an excellent idea & will actually assist in
aleviating the symptoms.

Finding alternate ways of doing the activities u wanna do while not
straining the elbow is also highly advised, & some activities that
cause pain may need to be discontinued altogether if alternatives
can't be found.

Just a little advice from your friendly former physician.

On 7/16/08, Lori Castner <loralee.castner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Monica, I have not had this problem because of scanning, but from other
> causes.
> I wore a "tennis brace" for a while--they can be purchased at drugstores and
> fit right below the elbow; the brace helped a lot.
> Also, my doctor gave me a list of exercises to stretch and strengthen the
> tendons and muscles and those exercises helped more than anything.
> Hope these suggestions may help!
> Cat Lover Lori
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>   For those who do a lot of scanning, do you ever experience inflamation
> and/or soreness in your elbow or forearm from pressing down on books? I'm
> asking because I've just been told that I have tennis elbow, but of course,
> I don't play tennis. So I think I'll call it scanner's elbow instead.
> (smile) I'm only partly joking. I've been told that I have to find a new way
> to scan books where my elbow doesn't flex while pressing down. I never
> really gave much thought to the mechanics of scanning a book until now. Has
> anyone else encountered this? If so, how have you dealt  with it? I think
> it's time to rearrange my desk.
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