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Monica, I have not had this problem because of scanning, but from other causes.

I wore a "tennis brace" for a while--they can be purchased at drugstores and 
fit right below the elbow; the brace helped a lot.

Also, my doctor gave me a list of exercises to stretch and strengthen the 
tendons and muscles and those exercises helped more than anything.

Hope these suggestions may help! 

Cat Lover Lori

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  For those who do a lot of scanning, do you ever experience inflamation and/or 
soreness in your elbow or forearm from pressing down on books? I'm asking 
because I've just been told that I have tennis elbow, but of course, I don't 
play tennis. So I think I'll call it scanner's elbow instead. (smile) I'm only 
partly joking. I've been told that I have to find a new way to scan books where 
my elbow doesn't flex while pressing down. I never really gave much thought to 
the mechanics of scanning a book until now. Has anyone else encountered this? 
If so, how have you dealt  with it? I think it's time to rearrange my desk.

Monica Willyard
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