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Hi Donna, I think I have been successful in doing what you ask.  I delete all 
unwanted headers, so that the page number is upagainst the page break, then 
insert a space followed by five stars and a space. I also put a blank line 
between the page number and any header I wish two  protect. I believe the 
answer to your question as to the need of a header for the stripper to strip is 
yes.  HTH Tom
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  Hi all.


  I hesitate to ask this question, but I can't find the answer on any of the 
official or unofficial sites giving tips to scanners.


  Did we ever determine absolutely what should be done to protect page numbers 
and chapter headings?  What I want to know is:


    1.. At the top of each page, do I need to put a blank line before and/or 
after the page number? 
    2.. For chapter numbers/titles that appear at the top of the page, do I put 
a blank line before and/or after it? 
    3.. Is it necessary to have something at the top of the page for the 
BookShare stripper to strip? 

  I spend a good bit of time cleaning up each scan regarding page numbers, 
chapter headings and stripping out unwanted headers.  I'm trying to do it in 
such a way that it will result in the best book in the finished product.


  I really, really hope that an answer has been found to this question and that 
I'm not opening up the can of worms we've had before about the different 
perceptions of what might work.  <smile>




  Peace and Hope,



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