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I have a story to tell about sign language.  I attended public school, but
up through sixth grade, I spent one hour a day in a resource room, learning
Braille, typing, and other blindness skills.  I learned to finger spell.
One of my closest friends was dyslexic, and in a wheelchair, but had normal
vision.  Because of her dyslexia, she would come into the resource room to
work on reading and spelling. 
Our primary instructor was blind.  When Michelle got stuck on a difficult
word, she'd tap me, and I'd finger spell how to spell it.
It was very very bad, but we were kids, what can I say.
I never did learn more than finger spelling, because as several have said,
much of sign language includes posture, subtle body movements and facial
expressions that, no matter how talented we are, are just darned difficult
to observe without vision.


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I think it would be good if I could learn finger spelling at least, or the
kind of signing that deaf/blind people use with each other. But as for ASL,
I don't see much point because I would be able to talk but not listen. If I
knew any D/B people locally, I would definitely try to learn. 

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