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When I did the sign language class, i had the teacher describe the sign, and 
my mom and I also took the class together so we worked over the signs 

Was actually a lot of fun.

Am not good at "reading" with touch signs unless the person goes, extremely 

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I guess, you are going to communicate by having someone do the signs in your 
hands. Is this correct?


Laura Glowacki <orangebutterfly87@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
          I'm totally blind, and I'm taking a sign language class in the 
fall.  Once again I believe bookshare (and the wonderful volunteers who make 
it possible) will be responsible for giving me much needed additional help 
outside of the classroom.  Every little bit helps especially in a difficult 
subject such as this.  So thank you for the book!

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  I have taken sign language classes and also found it frustrating because 
of my vision problem. I had difficulty reading the sign language quickly and 
producing the signs since I had difficulty seeing the exact nature of the 
signs to copy. Like you I am interested in Deaf Culture and wish that I had 
a more effective way to sign. I am glad to know that someone else had the 
same experience as I had. At one time I wanted to teach kids with hearing 
impairments but gave up because signing was difficult for me.



Anastasia Saridakis <anamatia81@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hi CIndy
Thanks again for takig the book on. The book will answer that questions and 
many others. I too have been interested n deaf culture but have never 
learned an effective way to learn to sign. I tried a class but it was full 
imersion and very frustating. Anyways, thanks again for the help. If you 
have any questions, I wstil have the file.
Take care

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