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I don't know if I remember enough to help her with WordPerfect, but one of the 
things I liked about the 5.1 version of the program was the search and replace 
function: You didn't need to know something like caret p to find a hard return, 
you just hit the enter key; you didn't need to know caret t to search for a tab 
character, just hit the tab key, etc.  In other words, a much lower learning 
curve for beginners.  Just hit F2, enter anything, then hit F2 again.  Also, 
the Confirm Search and Replace is less cumbersome than Word's tab replace.  I 
haven't found anything that will let me replace selectively that involves as 
few keystrokes in Word as it does in WordPerfect.  Besides, if she can get it 
into classic mode, the help feature in 5.1 is extremely easy and friendly to 

Kellie, I don't know why you didn't like that program.  I recommend a rigorous 
psychotherapeutic regimen. <lol>

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  Hi Amy,
  I'm sorry we haven't been able to be of more help to you with your file 
challenges. It seems you're just about the only Word Perfect user here. I was 
temporarily afflicted with wp 5.1 for a short time, but I found the program 
incomprehensible and it was a dozen years ago. My memories of wp5.1 are not 
nearly as fond as those expressed by others on the list. <lol>

  I really enjoy your writing; I'll bet I would have enjoyed being in one of 
the creative writing classes you taught. I've been a voracious reader all my 
life, but it's only in the past couple of years that I'm becoming generally 
more aware of the quality of writing in the artistic sense.
  Thanks for your contributions to the list, and don't give up asking 
questions--the file issues might be solvable one step at a time. Fortunately 
there are Openbook users on this list, so you'll be able to get help with that 
even if we're all kind of hopeless in the Word Perfect department. <grin>

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