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Here's a copy of the instructions.  They aren't that great, so you'll need
to learn most of what you need to know from the list and the tips on Jake's
website, http://www.jbrownell.com/bks/


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Thanks Jake. I do not have the validation instructions so if someone can 
send me a copy, I'd appreciate it.


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> Hi Jane,
> Have you received a copy of the current validation instructions? If not, 
> I'm sure someone can forward along a copy. It at least gives somewhat of 
> an introduction to the process.
> No, OpenBook cannot open KES files, as that format is only available to 
> Kurzweil.
> Yes, all the disclaimers and legal mumbo jumbo are automatically inserted 
> by the BookShare processing tools after you validate the book.
> HTH,
> Jake
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>> Hi Everyone.
>> John Glass wrote back to me. Indeed, my volunteer status wasn't quite 
>> right. Somehow, I had two accounts and now I'm updated to the right page 
>> for volunteers.
>> I'd like to download a book from the validation page. Since this is my 
>> first book, can others share what and how they proceed with the process?
>> I read Jake's tip page and the volunteer home page so am familiar with 
>> some of the tips.
>> Also, since I have OpenBook, can I open files with a kes ending?
>> Do the administrators place all the BookShare disclaimers into the book 
>> before they release it to the BookShare web page?
>> All help given will be appreciated.
>> Jane and Izzy
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 To unsubscribe from this list send a blank Email to
put the word 'unsubscribe' by itself in the subject line.  To get a list of
available commands, put the word 'help' by itself in the subject line.
Validation Help

Step 1: Download

There are two main steps in the Publish process. The first is to 
Download the Book for Validation.

Choosing a file to Download

Selecting the Step 1: Download link will take you to the Download for 
Validation page. This page presents a list of submitted books awaiting 

Important: You will need a program that can uncompress .zip files to 
perform the Download for Validation step. WinZip and PkUnzip are two 
examples. Windows XP computers have .zip decompression built into 
Windows Explorer, so you can simply double-click the file icon.

The tools at the top of this page allow you to sort this list, if you wish.

* To sort the list by title, select the "Title" radio button, enter the book 
title you are looking for in the text box, and click Submit. If you only 
know a part of the title, enter that in the textbox (this will act as a 
keyword search).
* To show only titles by a certain author, select the "Author" radio 
button, enter the author's name in the text box, and click Submit. If 
you only know a part of the author's name, enter that in the textbox 
(this will act as a keyword search)
* To sort the list by file type, choose the file type from the drop-down 
list and click Submit. You may wish to do this if you use a reading 
assistance application (such as Open Book or Kurzweil) and can help 
convert these files.

If you do not wish to sort the list, proceed to the bottom of the page 
and select a book to Download. Please note the file type before 
downloading. Please only download .ARK, .WYN or .KES files if you are 
a user of a relevant reading assistance application (Open Book, Wynn, 
or Kurzweil). Likewise, do not download .BRF files unless you have a 
program that can handle Grade 2 Digital Braille. Anyone with Microsoft 
Word may download the .DOC files, and anyone with a word 
processing program will be able to handle .RTF and .TXT files.

Volunteers who also scan and submit files to Bookshare.org are 
encouraged to allow other volunteers to validate them. However, if 
you have already cleaned up your submission and are certain that it is 
complete and ready for approval, you may validate it yourself. Please 
do this as soon after submitting the file as possible to prevent another 
volunteer from downloading it and repeating work you've already 

Tip: Users of reading assistance applications are free to download any 
files for conversion. However, we encourage you to make use of your 
software and work on file types that non-users will not be able to 

Downloading the file

Once you have selected the file you want to Download, click the 
"Download" link next to that file.

You will be taken to a page with some summary information about the 
book. It is strongly recommended that you review this information, as 
it may be helpful in the validation process. For example, if the 
submitter has re-submitted a book already on Bookshare.org, he or 
she may have noted in the comments field here that this re-
submission replaces a copy of lesser quality. Alternatively, this 
summary information may include a note from another volunteer or 
the Bookshare.org Administrator asking you to confirm a specific piece 
of information still in question before deciding to approve or reject the 

At the bottom of this page is a link to download the file you selected. 
Click this link.

A dialog box will appear, asking whether you would like to open the file 
from its current location or save it to disk. The latter will be 
preselected, so you can simply select OK. 

At this point you will be asked where to save the file (note that the file 
has a .zip extension). Save the file anywhere on your computer you 
wish, preferably a directory that is easy to find and remember. Then 
click "Save."

Tip: If, at this stage, your browser attempts to download 
"download.html" instead of a .zip file, the download process is being 
interfered with by an anti-virus program, a pop-up ad prevention 
program, or by heightened security settings on your browser. Please 
turn off any such program or lower your browser's security settings 
and try the download again. If you receive the same error please 
contact volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Converting the file

Now that the file is on your computer, you must extract the file from 
the .zip archive. If you use WinZip, this is done by launching the .zip 
file, and then selecting the "Extract" button. Make sure you note the 
directory you are extracting the file to. Windows XP users can simply 
double-click the filename/icon and then choose "Extract all files" in the 
window that appears.

Once you have extracted the file, use the appropriate program to open 
it. If the file extension is .ARK or .WYN, you will need to use your Open 
Book or WYNN application. If the file extension is .KES, use your 
Kurzweil application. BRF files should be opened with the appropriate 
Braille reading program. DOC files should be opened with Microsoft 
Word, and .RTF and .TXT files may be opened with any compatible 
word processing or text editing program.

Regardless of the original format of the file you download for 
validation, if the file extension is anything other than .RTF or .TXT, you 
will need to convert the file to .RTF format. Do this by selecting Save 
As and saving as type "Rich Text Format." You should perform this 
conversion as the first step after opening the file.

If the file is in RTF or TXT (also known as ASCII or Simple Text), you 
do not need to convert the file right away.

Checking and editing the file

Once you have opened the file, and saved it as RTF if necessary, you 
should perform a few essential checks:

* Check to make sure that the book is complete. Some users may 
accidentally submit partial book scans, or individual chapters. You 
should at least scroll to the end of the book and ensure that it ends 
with a complete sentence. While you are not required to check every 
page of the book, if you do find more than one page of core content 
(i.e. not including cover, frontmatter, tables of contents, pictures, or 
indeces) missing, you should not approve the book.
* Note the spelling of the author's name and complete title of the book 
as they appear on the book's title page. You may want to write these 
elsewhere, as you will be asked to verify them during the Step 2: 
Upload process.
* Verify that the book is not already available on Bookshare.org. You 
can do this by returning to your web browser and entering the title in 
the search box on any page. If the book is already available for 
download, please note the quality rating on that copy. If the summary 
information for the book you are validating did not include an 
explanation as to why the book was re-submitted, you should only 
approve this copy if the quality rating in the final step proves to be 
higher than that of the existing copy. If the existing copy is rated 
"excellent" and the summary information does not include an 
explanation as to why the book was re-submitted, you may proceed to 
"Step 2" Upload right away and reject the book.
* Confirm that the book contains complete copyright information, 
including a name and date. Even if you are sure the book is in the 
Public Domain, the original copyright information must be included.
* Confirm that the book is not a proprietary digital book. 
Bookshare.org cannot accept submissions of RFB&D digital books, 
Web-Braille books from the Library of Congress, or any other 
proprietary e-Book source. RFB&D and Web-Braille books may include 
passages like the following:

Please keep in mind that these books are intended for RFB consumers 
only. Distribution of the book is not allowed.

Produced in braille for the Library of Congress, National Library Service 
for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, by Associated Services for 
the Blind.

If you encounter either of these messages, please proceed with Step 
2: Upload, but reject the book (selecting the "other" radio button and 
entering an explanation of the book's source in the comments field.)

* Scan the text at the beginning of the book, and remove anything 
that appears not to have been part of the original book. Remove any 
text regarding "the extext of" or "etext by". DO NOT DELETE the table 
of contents, copyright page, dedication, or introduction to the book.
* Please take a moment to assess the text quality of the book and get 
a general sense of the number of scanning errors, adjusted for 
corrections you've made. You will be asked about the text quality 
during the Upload to Publish process. While an automated analysis will 
occur at that point, you may also choose to reject a book that you 
determine to be completely unreadable due to scanning errors. Before 
doing so please keep in mind that all scanned books contain errors, 
and that the person submitting the book was likely able to read this 
copy him or herself.
* Please also take a moment to assess the amount of adult content in 
the book, and whether access to it should be restricted to members 
over 18. You will be asked about adult content during the Upload to 
Publish process.

Editing and Proofreading: Depending on how much time you want to 
spend, you may wish to proofread some or all of the book. Please note 
that you are not required to peform additional editing or proofreading. 
As long as you have completed the required checks above, you may 
proceed with the validation process. 

If you plan to edit the book you are validating, you may wish to review 
Bookshare.org's Guidelines for Volunteer Editing. Note that these 
guidelines are not exhaustive. Many volunteers gather useful editing 
tips from the Bookshare.org Volunteer Discussion list. You may join 
that list by sending an email to bksvol-discuss-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
with the word "request" in the subject line (without
quotation marks).

Guidelines for Volunteer Editing

* Errors in the text: Please feel free to correct obvious scanning and 
formatting errors. All scanned books will have some character 
recognition errors. Correcting errors without an original copy of the 
book can be an inexact science, so volunteers are not required to 
correct all errors.
* Deleting illegible text: Often times the frontmatter of a book, such as 
the dedication page, the title page, and the table of contents, will be 
rendered illegible by character recognition. The same can be true of 
picture pages and indices. If you determine that the text on these 
pages is illegible and without value, you may delete the text. However, 
if the pages in question are part of the numerical sequence of pages in 
the book, you should do your best to preserve the pagination, i.e. 
ensure that the page breaks do not move due to removal of illegible 

It is rare that an entire page of a book's core content will be rendered 
illegible. While you are free to fix errors in the core content, simply 
removing illegible text does not improve the reader's experience and 
may in fact make the book harder to read (as well as disrupt 
pagination). Thus within the book's core content you may fix illegible 
text but should not simply remove it.
* Adding text: Do not add any text of your own to the book. Doing so 
is a violation of your volunteer agreement and could result in a 
violation of copyright law. An exception to this would be text entered 
to explain a picture, chart, or other graphic element rendered 
unreadable by character recognition. You are not required to enter 
such explanatory text but may do so if you choose.
* Pagination, page numbers and running headers and footers: After 
validation, Bookshare.org books are sent through an automated script 
that attempts to do four things: 1. Identify page numbers, 2. Identify 
recurring text at the top and bottom of each page (called "running 
headers/footers"), 3. Remove all running headers and footers, and 4. 
Replace page numbers with pagination code that will allow readers to 
navigate the published book by page. This automated script is 
designed to work well on a typical scanned book, so if the file you are 
working on was scanned with decent software and pagination was left 
intact, you should not need to do any additional work to ensure correct 
pagination in the published file.

Volunteers can assist this tool by "normalizing" headers, footers, and 
page numbers in submitted files where they do not appear consistent. 
Normalizing such a headers/footers helps but it needs to be a 
complete job, as normalizing just a few headers could skew the 
probability of properly recognizing them throughout the book. If you 
wish to undertake this task, please be sure to:

1) Check line position of text (the first paragraph on a given page 
should be the header, the last should be the footer)
2) Check that page numbers should have a space on either side, 
separating them from the header/footer text. If the page number is 
the first character in a header it does not need a space before it; or if 
it is the last character in a footer it does not need a space after it.
3) Only change text in the header or footer in order to make it look 
like all other headers/footers
4) Perform 1-3 on every page.

Remember that the automated tool is designed to be effective on most 
scanned books so that you should undertake this "normalization" 
process only if you are sure that the headers and footers in the book 
you are validating are inconsistent and if you are able to normalize all 
of them throughout the book.

When you have completed these steps, save the file to your computer. Files that 
downloaded as .TXT (ASCII) files may be saved as .TXT, unless you 
added significant text formatting that you wish to save. All other files 
should be saved as .RTF (Rich Text Format).
You are now ready for Step 2.

Upload to Publish

Once you have saved the file, return to Bookshare.org and select Step 
2: Upload from the toolbar.

You first arrive at a page headed Upload to Publish. Select the book 
from the list that you wish to Publish and click Upload.

You will be taken to a page headed Book Validation, which you will use 
to validate key information before the book is published on 

Title Help

The title that appears in this box was given by the person submitting 
the book originally. If it is different from what you read on the title 
page, you should correct it. If you did not find a title in the book, you 
may validate the submitter's title by entering the book's ISBN (if 
included) into a search on a book cataloging website such as 
Amazon.com or the Library of Congress (www.loc.gov).

Select the "Search for Similar Titles" link. A new window will appear, 
and the search tool will search for matches for the title. If an exact 
match is found and the quality rating of the book you are working on is 
not better than the match that is found, proceed to the bottom of the 
page and reject the book. Choose the "Book is Already on 
Bookshare.org" radio button on the following Reject Book page. If an 
exact match is not found, the book is not a duplicate and you may 

Author Help

The author(s) that appear in this box was given by the person 
submitting the book originally. If it is different from what you read on 
the title page, you should correct it. If you did not find the author's 
name in the book, you may validate the submitter's title by entering 
the book's ISBN (if included) into a search on a book cataloging 
website such as Amazon.com or the Library of Congress 

Author names should be entered in the [first name] [last name] 
format. For example: "Alice Walker".

If you are unsure if the entered name is the correct form, please use 
the "Search for Similar Authors" link. If the author you are looking for 
is already on Bookshare.org, please use the same form exactly.

Do not type the words "by" before the author name.

If the book has multiple authors, enter each name separated by 
commas. For example: "Stephen King, Peter Straub".
For books with translators, editors, or other contributors, list the name 
after the author(s) followed by a description of that person's role in 
parentheses. For example: "Jules Verne, F.P. Walter (translator)" and 
"Walter M. Smith (editor)"

Certain books, such as governmental tracts (e.g. The U.S. 
Constitution, the Magna Carta) and some computer manuals (e.g. 
Microsoft Windows Users Manual) will appear to have no author. If no 
individual is listed as the author, the corporation, agency, organization 
or nation associated with these documents (e.g. The United States 
Government, Microsoft Corporation) is an acceptable entry.

Copyright Name Help

The copyright name should match the one you found on the book's 
copyright page. If it does not, correct it. If the text "by" is inserted 
before the copyright name, delete it.

Copyright Date Help

The copyright date should match the one you found on the book's 
copyright page. If it does not, correct it. The copyright date must be 
entered in yyyy format. If multiple dates are listed, please enter the 
most recent date.

Brief Synopsis Help

The person submitting the book may have entered a brief synopsis of 
the book. If they did not, and you have read the book, you may wish 
to enter one of 200 characters or fewer. If there is already a brief 
synopsis but it is inappropriate for the book, please change or delete 

Check In Format Help

Please select the format of the file you are uploading. If you 
downloaded a .TXT file upload the file as .TXT. BRF files must be 
uploaded as BRF. Otherwise, you must select RTF.

Upload Help

Browse your computer and select the file for Upload.
Some versions of screen reading software will not speak the upload 
button, while others will not speak either the filename entry dialog or 
the upload button. If you are experiencing either problem, find the file 
format selection combo box. Tab once from this element an you will be 
in the text entry field, where you can enter the path to the book you're 
submitting. To do so, enter forms/msaa mode here and type the path. 
Alternately, tab one more time to find the browse button. Select this 
button (hit enter only if you are in forms mode!) and a file browse 
dialog will launch and speak normally.

Text Quality Help

In this section you will find data about the quality of the text. This 
information refers to the number of scanning and character recognition 
errors found by our automated analysis tool. Based on the percentage 
of errors found, one of the three ratings below will be automatically 
selected - Excellent, Good, or Fair. If the rating is either Good or Fair, 
consider whether the book contains:

·  Proper names
·  Dialect or technical terms
·  Non-English language words

If so, the percentage of scanning errors will have been overstated, as 
many of these words will be correct but not in the automated 
dictionary. You may want to upgrade the quality level if this is the 
case. If the rating is Excellent, please do not change it.

If you are considering approving a book that is already available from 
Bookshare.org, and this rating is higher than that of the existing book, 
you may approve the book under consideration as a replacement. 
Please note this in the comments field at the bottom of this form.

Adult Content Help

Next you will find data about the percentage of profane, violent, or 
sexual words the automated tool found. This information is used to 
assign an Adult Content rating to the book, which will restrict access to 
it to members older than 18. Please confirm, based on your reading of 
the book, that the Adult Content checkbox reflects the appropriate 
Please use your best judgement for determining adult content. While 
we understand and respect that different people have different 
standards for what is acceptable subject matter, a general guideline to 
consider is this: in a large well-stocked bookstore, would somebody 
under the age of 18 be able to get this book off the shelf, pay for it, 
and walk away. Books of an obvious explicit sexual nature or that 
incite hate should be be considered Adult Content. If unsure, mark the 
book as adult content, and explain in one or two sentences what about 
the content of the book warrants this selection in the comments field.

Categorization Help

Select categories for the book. Bookshare.org users will be able to 
search books based on these categories. The person submitting the 
book originally chose a category, but you may add as many additional 
categories as are appropriate for the book. Many books will fit into 
more than one category.


The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) can often be found at 
the beginning of books. If the ISBN number is not filled in but you 
found it in the beginning of the book, you may fill it in here. An ISBN is 
not required for approval of a book. If, upon submitting this form, you 
receive an error that the ISBN is not valid, you may leave this field 
blank and re-submit the form.

Long Synopsis Help

If a long synopsis was not already filled in, you may enter one if you 
are familiar with the book. If a long synopsis is present but does not 
appear to be appropriate for the book you may delete it.  This synopsis 
is limited to approximately 500 words.

Comment for Acceptance Help

Enter any additional comments that you feel the administrator may 
find useful when approving this book, or address any questions the 
administrator may have asked.

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