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I may actually get there, but I still have a few scanned medical word
books to upload, eventually.  I need to convert them to RTF first and
get all the pertinent info in one place.  

Rose Combs

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Hi, Rose. I think this is true for all of us. There are plenty of books
there, but some of them would probably put me to sleep before I even 
discovered whether there was anything needing fixing, let alone actually

getting around to fixing it, and as you've said, some of them are in
I can't work with. That's the big reason why .rtf is preferable. I can't

think of too many people who can't access that, although, of course,
may be some. Then, there are those that are in such poor quality that
almost know you'd end up downloading and promptly rejecting, and some of
hate to do that. I know I do...but don't hesitate to do it if I really
Take care.
Julie Morales
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Yes, but then again, last time I looked, nearly four weeks ago I saw
books on the step one page that have been there since forever that never
get touched.  Of course, a few of them I would not ever consider
validating because the subject matter is just not up my alley, and a few
are in the open book format so I cannot touch them, but I know there are
some books that have been there for a very long time.

I have not checked recently due to obtaining a new computer trying to
get it set up to my liking and a scanner issue that I finally resolved.

Rose Combs

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I often wondered why the list never indicated whether a book was out for

validating or awaiting the final administrator approval.
My hunch was that, due to the administrative backlog that at times had
hundreds of books queued, it might have been somewhat embarrassing.
Better, from a pr standpoint, to blend the two.
The ultimate goal, as I see it, is to have a book uploaded today,
validating it almost immediately, and then having it in the collection
day's end.

This week, I saw this nearly happen with a book or 2.  I picked up
something up Sunday evening after it had been uploaded earlier in the
and by Tuesday it was part of the collection.
A book which I had submitted about 10 or so days ago became part of the
collection by week's end.
That is Bookshare working at its finest -- people scanning, volunteers
validating quickly, and administrative approvals in a timely manner.

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