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On a side note, the note I posted early Friday morning at something like 4
A.M. about 3 books that I had uploaded that night that were still on the
Step 1 page, made it into the collection at 10:31, 10:35, and 10:37 CDT, so
that's 8:00 on the west coast. *grin*

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> Cindy
> I often wondered why the list never indicated whether a book was out for
> validating or awaiting the final administrator approval.
> My hunch was that, due to the administrative backlog that at times had
> hundreds of books queued, it might have been somewhat embarrassing.
> Better, from a pr standpoint, to blend the two.
> The ultimate goal, as I see it, is to have a book uploaded today, someone
> validating it almost immediately, and then having it in the collection by
> day's end.
> This week, I saw this nearly happen with a book or 2.  I picked up
> something up Sunday evening after it had been uploaded earlier in the day,
> and by Tuesday it was part of the collection.
> A book which I had submitted about 10 or so days ago became part of the
> collection by week's end.
> That is Bookshare working at its finest -- people scanning, volunteers
> validating quickly, and administrative approvals in a timely manner.
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