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Hi Cindy and all:

Going forward, in order not to send large messages through the list, the
latest version of Marissa's list can always be found on bookshare scans.

Bookshare Scans:

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> Kelly,
> In addition to Rui's site, which you can access,
> Marissa posts a list every week or two (originally,
> and maybe when she comes back, she said it would be
> twice a week) of books that are in process, i.e.,
> either being validated or awaiting administrator
> approval after having been validated and uploaded. I
> also copy this list and keep it on my hard drive. I'll
> send you the latest list directly.
> Also, and I don't know if this will work with the
> various technologies you all use: When I'm looking for
> something in particular on the download list, I use
> Find and get to it instantly. It doesn't help if Ijust
> want to browse, of course, unless I'm looking for
> books by a particular author. I think it would be
> nice, too, if there were some way to find books by a
> particular scanner, or a particular rating, but I
> suppose that's too complicated.
> Cindy
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