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Poor baby!  <smile>  I wondered why we didn't hear from you but never
thought about you being in jail until Peter told us.  Like Cindy said, we
have been busy decorating your and Peter's offices.  Was yours done to your
satisfaction?  We aim to please, uh, surprise.  <lol>  That square dance
must have been a hoot!  <lol>

Sue S.

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Marissa, I owe you big  time for the rescue from the jail sell.  The surf
dude police guy would've dragged me out into the middle of the ocean and
left me there to languish.  I terribly regret my--what I thought was--good
advice regarding leaving Peter drowning in the pool.  If I hadn't, he
wouldn't have convinced all of you to leave me  in jail until Sunday

My virtual guide dog, CUNY, gives his cheerful "hello" to all of you and
challenges Noel to another square dancing competition.


Pratik Patel
Interim Director
Office of Special Services
Queens College
CUNY Assistive Technology Services
The City University of New York

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>     By the way, does anyone remember who was
> supposed to go down to the
> police station to post bond for Pratik?  Gee, I hope
> it wasn't me!

LOL.  Welcome home, Peter. I trust it wasn't Marissa's
guiding that led you into the potted plants. But you
didn't fall in the pool? Our California was pretty
good for you guys, at least on Tuesday and presumably
the rest of the  week, and falling into a heated pool
wouldn't have been a bad thing, if one knows how to

BTW, Peter and Pratik, wait until you get back to your
offices. We've been busy little bees while you've been
gone (grin).


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