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It's true. I'm petrified of Peter, mostly because I'm afraid of walking
him into walls and potted plants, not to mention swimming pools. 

We'll be renaming CSUN "Revenge of the Klutz". Oh, and Vegas really
isn't my cup of tea. 


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  Everyone is getting ready for CSUN and it's a lot of work.  I'm
ready by being in Las Vegas for my annual pre CSUN stop over.  The bad
for me is getting up at like 6 in the morning to take care of business 
before going out for some fun.
I'll be meeting another member of the staff here this weekend, but it
Marissa.  In reality, she's scared of me.

Peter M. Scialli, Ph.D.
Associate, Technical Projects
The Benetech Initiative

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> Peter was mingling on the lists and he hasn't been around for a few
> It is really upsetting because something must be wrong.  Marissa
> out
> of sorts today but she got all of those e-mails and that is enough to 
> upset
> anyone.  I really hhad to laugh when she ended her message on a
> note by thanking us for our vigilance or whatever.  But that was
> Guido wrote!
> Sue S.
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> Guido,
> After reading Sue's post I realize that maybe there is
> a serious reason for your not going to CSUN and I
> shouldn't have tried to be funny. I join with her, and
> I'm sure with everyone else, in hoping that everything
> is all right with you and your family.
> Cindy
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