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Hi Donna,

I am a big fan of Guido's humor so I, for one, thank you for sending this.
True some of us have a warped sense of humor, but little boys must play I
guess.  <<laughing>


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Dear Alloysius.  You really must quit doing mushrooms in the middle of the
day.  I know that you had an on-going debate with Timothy about how best to
achieve the ultimate altered state of consciousness, and that your
dedication to proving your point enabled you to generate all those volumes
of illuminating literature now destined for the boiler room in Appenzell,
but you really can just say no.  I'll have Nancy give you a call to offer
some key points of strategy for success in kicking the shroom thing.

<big grin>  I was asking about how the information presented at CSUN might
be applied in the transportation industry and particularly how it might
promote access in public transportation.  I looked back at my original note,
though, and I can see that I was not very clear about it.  And I didn't have
any mushrooms to blame it on...except for those on the pizza!

Ah well, as the Band song says:

Life is a carnival, it's in the book.
Life is a carnival, take another look.

And of course, it's always good to know how to get from the airport to the

Peace and Hope,


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