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Where did you guys get your systems or what kind are they?

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  Hi Jim and Bud,

           I think you're right about how long this problem has been 
  around.  I never never had the problem with version 9.  And I agree, 
  I think they have no idea why it happens, which translates to me that 
  they don't know what they screwed up between versions.  I'm not 
  really happy with Kurzweil right now.  Can you tell?  I commiserate 
  with you guys completely.  But, I'm sorry to say,  I think I have the 
  corner on unchurchy words.  I think my computer is starting to like them.

           I wish I had some brilliant solution for your 
  troubles.  Instead, I can only offer sympathy.


  At 10:54 PM 9/28/2007, you wrote:
  >Bud, I think this problem has been around since Kurzweil 10. I'm 
  >really wondering if they know what the problem is, I think not. All 
  >I know is, it made me say a few unchurchy words yesterday smile. 
  >Adult content had to be checked. Smile.
  >Jim Rawls
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  >Hi Jim Rawls,
  >I had the same thing happen a few days ago and don't know what 
  >caused it.  I was luckier though as I had just scanned a little over 
  >200 pages.  Nick gave me some steps to try to retrieve it.  They 
  >were a little involved but I finally got it done, but it's not very 
  >usable after you get it back.  A number of pages were damaged and 
  >would have to be redone.  It would almost be faster to do it over 
  >again, but I don't know about your 600 page book. That would be 
  >enough to make a grown man cry.  I wish we knew what causes it in 
  >the first place so we could avoid it in the future.  I've been 
  >scanning for several years now and I believe that was a first time for me.
  >Good luck.
  >>He didn't ask for a copy of the book, but he wanted my error log, 
  >>and he said that the error log didn't show anything in Kurzweil to 
  >>cause the problem.
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  >>Hi, Jim. Has Stephen asked for a copy of the book? Sometimes he can 
  >>figure out what's up, thereby making the program better. I've seen 
  >>that book, and it would be more than discouraging to scan and then 
  >>have that  happen.
  >>Mickey Prahin
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  >>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Boy am I discouraged.
  >>Hi all,
  >>As some of you know, Lissi sent out some books to some of us. I am 
  >>scanning, As Thousands Cheer, the life of Irving Berlin. Well, I 
  >>scanned this book twice, and still it isn't ready. Each time, I 
  >>have met the dreaded error message from Kurzweil, the file cannot 
  >>be opened, its format cannot be determined. I was in the end of 
  >>rank spelling, and the file wouldn't open. The book is over 600 
  >>pages long. I spent hours scanning, and more time in rank spelling, 
  >>and twice Kurzweil has done me in. I've written Stephen about it, 
  >>and there isn't any good answer I guess. But it is discouraging for 
  >>sure. Yes,, I'll scan the book, but right now, I could throw 
  >>korowai in the trash. Frown.
  >>Jim Rawls
  >Bud Schwab
  >W 6 Z Y P
  >Malibu, California

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