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Both Open Book and Kurzweil use totally standard Windows functions for changing the format. Just click File and then Save As, downarrow to the format you want and hit enter and your done. It's the same procedure for Word, Word Perfect, whatever.

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When I submitted Circle of Gold I used OpenBook for the scan and made the ark into an rtf. I think that there should be step-by-step instructions given to the volunteers (new and old) on how to change the files from ark and kes to rtf. Both file types would get validated faster. There have been some ark files I have wanted to validate in the past. However, I have to wait until my husband gets them into rtf and then transfers them to OpenBook. I have no knowledge how to do this if I have the file downloaded to My Documents. My husband also changed my file type from ark to rtf. So, as you can see, I need assistance with these things, and I am positive so do others.


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