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Yes, that is the hope. She could go and substitute teach. However, that will 
not help her get the hours she needs in an internship to graduate. So, the 
biggest concern is how she is going to get the hours she needs to complete the 
internship and graduate on time. I have told her to email her advisor at the 
school and find out if any of the 200 hours she has worked in this firm is 
going to be able to be counted toward the internship. She needs I think 80 
hours to use toward the internship. So, she has almost tripled that amount in 
the office. The supervisor is going on about how it will not be right for her 
to sign off on the internship when future employers are going to expect that 
she knows how to do the things on the list that are not even done in that 
office. The advisor has responded to that early on and told Amanda do what she 
can to complete the tasks on the list, but if they are all not done that is ok. 
The supervisor responds to that by saying that future employers are going to 
expect her to know how to do the things on the list.   

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Well glad you hadn’t jumped right in to one then.  


Hopefully it won’t take long before she can find herself another and better 


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We Will not be buying a house anytime soon so it seems. Today the bottom 
dropped right out from under us with the news that Amanda would be losing her 
job. Please keep us in your prayers. Talk to you later. 


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