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  • Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 23:08:45 -0500

Yes it is, because I think the adviser has figured out that Amanda was getting 
the shaft.  What’s so interesting though is, that what goes around does come 
back around again.  I don’t know when it will happen, but it will.  
> On Mar 23, 2015, at 7:48 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I misspoke when I said she was putting in frist name and then last because 
> although she did this, she did not do it on formal paperwork. The only thing 
> she put names down like this on was on the legal pad. However, she handed her 
> the documentation today. The lady refused to comment on the fact that Amanda 
> points out in the documentation that one girl worked on one file for 2 solid 
> weeks when they are telling Amanda to have 5 or more done in a day. She 
> refused to comment on the shoddy training. She refused to comment on the 
> verbal agreement to sign off on the internship. She only told Amanda thank 
> you, but this does not make it acceptable. She starts at her original 
> internship tomorrow. The advisor is going to let her count the time worked at 
> the law office as filler time for what she does not make up at the original 
> internship. So, this is definitely answered prayers.     
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> Yes but their deal of her staying there till she finds other employment 
> sounds like, “we don’t want you, yet in reality we really don’t have that 
> much on you to get rid of you uf chalenged by a State labor board.”  
> Hight standards are one thing, but if you aren’t given procedural information 
> in training and then that is used against you that gives her something to 
> stand on.  However, in reality, most things do go by last name first, it’s 
> more the rare exception that a list is organized using the first name first.  
> But that is something simple and petty.  I think maybe she’s offended the 
> powers that be by her own standards of what she does and probably caught 
> someone higher up in their mistakes along the way and now they get revenge.  
> If that is the case they’d better cover their trail good.  
>> On Mar 21, 2015, at 1:14 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx 
>> <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>> She has put in 4 applications last night. We are hoping and praying for 
>> positive results. I agree that Amanda may have made some mistakes, but I 
>> think more so they are unable to stand good on the fact that they would sign 
>> off on her internship. So, when they have an opportunity to dismiss her they 
>> take the opportunity. One of the grounds for Amanda accepting the position 
>> was that they would sign off on her internship. The employer said they have 
>> never done this, but if it is allowed they would do it. The employer failed 
>> to realize that this means Amanda will need to be doing certain tasks 
>> related to her degree. So, why not take the quickest and easiest way out of 
>> the situation. I still think that based on her recent diagnosis she should 
>> disclose if for no other reason to point out to the employer that it may not 
>> have been her fault the mistakes that were made. According to things I am 
>> reading even if they continue with the course of action that they are taking 
>> they cannot refuse to talk to her about the disability and possible 
>> solutions that do not cause undue hardship. I did not realize until doing 
>> some research that this was even a condition covered under the ADA, but when 
>> looking at my school’s website it says that one of the things that they 
>> cover on the disability website was ADHD. Being that they offer services I 
>> started doing some research and low and behold it is covered. So, we will 
>> see what happens. I imagine that they will continue the process and htat is 
>> ok because we can compensate even if they tell her to take a hike on Monday 
>> morning without even getting into the house money set aside. If anything the 
>> house money will pay for her benefits. One of the reasons they said that she 
>> needed to look for another job is because during her 3 days of training when 
>> she started she was not told that names needed to be listed last name and 
>> then first. So, she has been putting names in first and then last. To me 
>> this sounds petty, but I told Amanda she should be careful when she started 
>> because of some of the things she would come home and tell me sounded like a 
>> person with unrelenting standards. Oh well, when one door closes another one 
>> opens. However, please keep us in your prayers during this transition.    
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>> Well glad you hadn’t jumped right in to one then.  
>> Hopefully it won’t take long before she can find herself another and better 
>> job.  
>>> On Mar 21, 2015, at 12:41 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx 
>>> <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>>> We Will not be buying a house anytime soon so it seems. Today the bottom 
>>> dropped right out from under us with the news that Amanda would be losing 
>>> her job. Please keep us in your prayers. Talk to you later.

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