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At 10:08 PM 6/27/2019, Andrew Downie wrote:
>Orlando, as long as you start with the tracks reasonably well aligned, you
>should not have too much trouble making the adjustment.  As David said,
>adjusting zoom level will determine how much each key press causes the clip
>to move.

I'm confident I can get the tracks pretty well aligned before fine tuning their synchronization. But what's with this track align menu item?

>The process I described above will not let you move a clip if it is butted
>up against an adjacent clip.  That is different to Reaper, which will allow
>an item to trample over an adjacent item.

That's a noteworthy difference.

>>Re the align tracks option, you will find several possibilities.  I suspect
>you will want to align to cursor if a big adjustment is needed.  Then tweak
>by moving the clip.

Hmmm. I will either have to do lots of redaction on the soundboard recording

or mind how I paste in the commercial released portions. Either way, I'm excited to do something this ambitious.
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