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Hi Andrew; thanks for replying so quickly.

>Before dealing with alignment, were the two recordings made at the same
>Your comment about correcting notes concerns me.  If the recordings
>were not done at the same time, the chances of their staying in time seems
>pretty much nil.

Absolutely! The same performance was recorded both from the soundboard and from what sounds like some shotgun mics close to the stage. Ironically, the soundboard version wasn't commercial released.
I only meant that if there are any pitch correction issues, I can tune them exactly alike.

>But to moving one of the tracks.  Time shifting is covered in the manual.
>However, it exclusively describes doing it with the mouse.  With sighted
>assistance and - say - the NVDA Golden Cursor add-on or the JAWS equivalent,
>that could possibly be achieved.  Whether one could get sufficient precision
>is uncertain though.

That's somewhat discouraging.

>The best I have come up with so far is to use the align tracks feature in
>the tracks menu and/or the insert silence feature in the generate menu.
>Especially with insert silence, the audio on one track can be moved in tiny
>increments - as little as 0.001 milliseconds.  Getting it exact is likely to
>involve some patience, or at least perseverance.

I never thought of inserting silence as a way of nudging tracks forward, since I erroneously assumed that inserted silence replaces existing audio.

>In Reaper, another audio recording program I use, doing what you want is
>very easy.  An item, which is a bit like an Audacity clip, can be moved left
>and right with precision.  Of course, if there is more than one item on the
>track things can get chaotic.

I actually have Reaper, OSARA and SWX on my machine. I'm part of the Reapers Without Peepers email list and the Whatsapp group. But I've been hesitant to take the plunge, mostly because I can't quite get my head around some of Reaper's conceptual nomenclature, specifically items.
Multiple items can apparently appear on the same track, either successively or simultaneously. If an entire track consists of one item and I split it into clips, how many clips will be created? Reaper also can apparently merge audio and MIDI on to a single mono or stereo track, with different effects or envelopes on each item.
This sounds like bouncing tracks, which seems entirely antiquated and unnecessary in the digital domain. I'm trying to imagine a scenario where you have two audio items sounding simultaneously on a single stereo track, and one could apply different effects and envelopes to each of those items. Please forgive these admittedly off-topic and elementary questions.
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