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Thanks for that tip. Sorry to crowd the list. Maybe if people have questions
email me at 






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On behalf of myself and everyone on the list, we wish you good luck in your
recording. Oh, and one more thing Michelle, if you will be wearing
headphones, while  you yourself, may be able to hear any noise that the
braillenote makes, when they go to air with the recording, chances are, that
people listening won't be able to hear the braille note's sounds in the


Rochester, NY.


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Hi Sean


Thanks for all the great suggestions! I am being recorded. I'll give all
your suggestions some thought. It's so nice to be able to tap into this kind
of community.





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I have in my 22 year radio career used JAWS while reading liners, spots, etc
on the air. Now, back in my early years... We'd have someone read them to me
& I'd braille them out on a notecard. Or, I'd memorize them. Or use the
notecard until I had them memorized. Now, I do either memorize them which
ain't as easy now that I'm 40 as it was when I was 20. Or, I still either
use JAWS or a Braille display, or I semply record them & attach them to the
end of my news or traffic report if it is one that I've recorded. Still use
JAWS or the Braille display for live liners or live ads. These are usually
short things which I've read. I have at one time or another done the reading
of an article while guest hosting a talk show using JAWS. Yes, this is a
much more difficult task to say the least. Depending on where you are
reading at. I wouldn't be overly concerned about the clicks of the Braille
sense. However not being at all farmilluar with this device. I can't really
speak much further on its clicks. I will ask this question. Are you reading
it live? Or, are you reading it while being recorded, recording yourself? &,
if being recorded, where is this taking place? I ask these questions so that
I may get a better idea as to how to help you come up with ideas which may
work for you. So feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

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Hello List


Does anyone have experience reading Braille while being recorded? I have to
read something on the radio and there's all sorts of concern about the
BrailleNote and the clicks. Now while I can honor that, I'm feeling
frustrated! Everyone wants me to use JAWS and listen and read. I simply have
never trained myself to do so because I'm a Braille reader. If you want a
monotone recording, sure, I'll do that then. It feels like my Braille is
always heavy weather for people. My idea is to put the BrailleNote on my lap
and to have a blanket over my hands like a think one to absorb the sound.
I'm planning for my hands to be under the table. Honestly, this doesn't have
to be such a big deal but I need to honor the concern presented. I  know I'm
coming across as frustrated but with all the fancy technology everyone has
nowadays, it feels like I'm tolerated with my Braille which is so not a
topic for this list. Yes, back to recording.




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