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Mike, great tips! I have turned off the voice and am just using the Braille.
Do you keep the device on your lap? People seem to think if I try to
memorize the story, I'll be golden but honestly, sighted people wouldn't be
expected to do that so I'm going to read it. 


If you want to email off-list, my email is 





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Hi Michelle,

I can certainly relate. When I used to work for the radio reading service
for the blind, I too would have to read things in braille over the air. Its
really not a big deal, if the clicking of the braille display is picked up.
You can turn off the voice completely, and just use the braille. I've
actually done that myself. I work for my college's in-house radio station,
and have to do this very thing when reading announcements. If you'd like to
discuss this further, you can write me back. Or you can write me off list if
you like.


Rochester, NY.


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Hello List


Does anyone have experience reading Braille while being recorded? I have to
read something on the radio and there's all sorts of concern about the
BrailleNote and the clicks. Now while I can honor that, I'm feeling
frustrated! Everyone wants me to use JAWS and listen and read. I simply have
never trained myself to do so because I'm a Braille reader. If you want a
monotone recording, sure, I'll do that then. It feels like my Braille is
always heavy weather for people. My idea is to put the BrailleNote on my lap
and to have a blanket over my hands like a think one to absorb the sound.
I'm planning for my hands to be under the table. Honestly, this doesn't have
to be such a big deal but I need to honor the concern presented. I  know I'm
coming across as frustrated but with all the fancy technology everyone has
nowadays, it feels like I'm tolerated with my Braille which is so not a
topic for this list. Yes, back to recording.




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