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I work for a radio station and use my Braille send plus taker to read 
commercials which air on the station. These commercials I pre-recorded. The 
sound of my fingers reading the Brielle has never caused the problem. I would 
be lost without my braille display. Best of luck with your recording Mary

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> On Feb 3, 2014, at 2:15 PM, "Sean Paul" <newsandtraffic@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Mike is exactly right on this note. Most listeners will never even notice. &, 
> the person who is recording you will or should understand that you have to 
> read & this is the way that you have to read. Who's suggesting that you use 
> JAWS & not a Braile sense, btw?
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> On behalf of myself and everyone on the list, we wish you good luck in your 
> recording. Oh, and one more thing Michelle, if you will be wearing 
> headphones, while  you yourself, may be able to hear any noise that the 
> braillenote makes, when they go to air with the recording, chances are, that 
> people listening won’t be able to hear the braille note’s sounds in the 
> background.
> Mike
> Rochester, NY.
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> Hi Sean
> Thanks for all the great suggestions! I am being recorded. I’ll give all your 
> suggestions some thought. It’s so nice to be able to tap into this kind of 
> community.
> Michelle
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> Michelle:
> I have in my 22 year radio career used JAWS while reading liners, spots, etc 
> on the air. Now, back in my early years... We'd have someone read them to me 
> & I'd braille them out on a notecard. Or, I'd memorize them. Or use the 
> notecard until I had them memorized. Now, I do either memorize them which 
> ain't as easy now that I'm 40 as it was when I was 20. Or, I still either use 
> JAWS or a Braille display, or I semply record them & attach them to the end 
> of my news or traffic report if it is one that I've recorded. Still use JAWS 
> or the Braille display for live liners or live ads. These are usually short 
> things which I've read. I have at one time or another done the reading of an 
> article while guest hosting a talk show using JAWS. Yes, this is a much more 
> difficult task to say the least. Depending on where you are reading at. I 
> wouldn't be overly concerned about the clicks of the Braille sense. However 
> not being at all farmilluar with this device. I can't really speak much 
> further on its clicks. I will ask this question. Are you reading it live? Or, 
> are you reading it while being recorded, recording yourself? &, if being 
> recorded, where is this taking place? I ask these questions so that I may get 
> a better idea as to how to help you come up with ideas which may work for 
> you. So feel free to contact me if you have further questions.
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> From: Michelle Creedy
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> Subject: [audacity4blind] Reading and Recording
> Hello List
> Does anyone have experience reading Braille while being recorded? I have to 
> read something on the radio and there’s all sorts of concern about the 
> BrailleNote and the clicks. Now while I can honor that, I’m feeling 
> frustrated! Everyone wants me to use JAWS and listen and read. I simply have 
> never trained myself to do so because I’m a Braille reader. If you want a 
> monotone recording, sure, I’ll do that then. It feels like my Braille is 
> always heavy weather for people. My idea is to put the BrailleNote on my lap 
> and to have a blanket over my hands like a think one to absorb the sound. I’m 
> planning for my hands to be under the table. Honestly, this doesn’t have to 
> be such a big deal but I need to honor the concern presented. I  know I’m 
> coming across as frustrated but with all the fancy technology everyone has 
> nowadays, it feels like I’m tolerated with my Braille which is so not a topic 
> for this list. Yes, back to recording.
> Michelle

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