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Yeah, just the delta E values of the same reference patterns would already
indicate how much a colorimeter is off to a given reference spectro...

So what usage of the verify tool did you have in mind to get that data ?


 - Mike Nagel

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Am 25.09.2012 04:57, schrieb Michael Nagel:
> Florian,
> thank you for your detailed response.
> regarding (1):
> I did look at the user logs and found the report when it created when 
> dispcal created the correction matrix - but there is no information in 
> there though on the drift of the colorimeter compared to the spectro.
> Is this info only coming up when you just created a correction matrix 
> and is not stored in the user log files ?

I'm not sure I understand you correctly. Is it really instrument drift you
are interested in or rather the match (or error) between spectro and
colorimeter (I'm assuming the former, because the latter seems out of scope
for an utility like ccxxmake)?
The matrix itself is the correction needed for the colorimeter readings to
largely match the spectro readings, so the matrix already tells you
something (e.g. if both instruments gave exactly the same readings, you'd
have the identity matrix), but it's probably hard to interpret.
Maybe you're looking for some other metrics like delta E between the set of
test patches measured by the spectro and the colorimeter? Argyll's 'verify'
tool can do this.

Florian Höch

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