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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 20:08:54 -0600

At great risk to my system :)  (having already successfully installed the
ArgyllCMS ColorMunki driver), I just proceeded to uninstall and re-install
the Argyll driver on my Win7 x64 system using the new x64 Argyll
colormunki.inf, and can confirm the following:

(1) The uninstall procedure works exactly as described by Graeme below,
including locations of files in directories.

(2) The install procedure with the new x64 colormunki.inf works exactly as
described by Graeme below, including importance of signing original,
uninstalled driver files.  (Installed versions inherit the signatures.)

(3) Switching from X-rite driver version to Argyll version requires a
re-insertion of Munki USB cable.

(4) Switching from Argyll driver version to X-rite version does not require
re-insertion of Munki USB cable.

(5) If Argyll drivers are not successfully signed, exclamation point will be
visible in Device Manager, but Windows will report that the driver is
"working."  (It is NOT working.)  In this case, installed driver will revert
to X-rite version at each re-boot or insertion of USB cable.  After
successful driver signing, exclamation mark will disappear and installed
state of Argyll driver will survive re-boot or USB cable re-insertion.

Thank you again, Graeme, for your patience with us Windows "point and
shooters."  What a fabulous contribution ArgyllCMS is to color management!

Now, if I can just get Florian Hoch to fix a little bug in dispcalGUI
causing a program crash toward the end of the profiling routine...

(Sorry; I just cannot bring myself to do the command line thing... :)

Regards to all,
Bruce Houston

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darkbasic wrote:

> Same problem: how to completely delete the driver?

What worked for me was to delete the driver using Device Manager,
and then manually delete the .dll in windows\system32, windows\syswow64,
and the .sys file in windows\system32\drivers.

Doing a search usually reveals where things are hiding.

(A search that included system files confirms that there are
  no other copies under windows\).

So, with Argyll drivers installed I find:


After uninstall with "delete drivers" I find:


After manually deleting the remaining (using command shell as

    (nothing under Windows\)

If I plug in the instrument again, I am able to "update" the divers
and install the Argyll drivers by pointing at the .inf file.

Graeme Gill.

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