[argyllcms] Re: Calculate RAW importer profiles ?

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  • Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:42:26 +0200

Next to ACR there's Corel Aftershot Pro which does the job equally well; a matter of taste, really.
I tested both softwares thoroughly (next to Lightzone & Rawtherapee).
Raw rendering in ACR and CAP appears to be far superior.
My choice is CAP, indeed, a matter of taste.

Cheers, Klaas.

On 27-07-15 17:27, Ben Goren wrote:

On Jul 27, 2015, at 5:35 AM, Adriaan van Os <gpc@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Graeme Gill wrote:

You could try using a real photographic test chart like the ColorCheckerSG,
but this has it challenges, and would limit the gamut and detail possible
in characterizing the two RAW processors.
My thinking is, not to use a test chart, but the existing photo library that a
photograher has on his hard-disk and let statistics do its work to compensate
for lack of full test-gamut in single photos.
You could photograph a spectroscope or other source of monochromatic light to
get the full extent of the gamut...but Graeme's right. You'd be much better off
creating your own personalized pleasing look rather than trying to
programmatically copy Nikon's.

ICC profiling is intended as an objective process that ensures, within
practical limits, that the colors are always identified as what they really
are. It's possible to use it for predictably inaccurate transformations, but
you open up all sorts of cans of worms when you try to do so.

There are tools designed for exactly what you're wanting to do, and few do it
better than Adobe's Camera RAW (the engine behind both Photoshop's and
Lightroom's RAW development). You're clearly not after colorimetric accuracy,
so an ICC-based workflow is only going to cause you grief. ACR only causes
grief for those looking for colorimetric accuracy...but it truly shines at its
intended function of creating subjectively pleasing results for a very large
set of tastes.


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