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It is being found that in some cases or environments that static electricity 
is affecting the false thread/bobbin break issue. Do you have or see a 
stitic build-up around your machine?

I have been installing a small wire spring  from the left mounting screw of 
the thread break sensor to the round cylindrical tube of the sensor. Melco 
has these in stock and they are easy to install on the machine. This tends 
to ground out the " ESD", (electro static discharge) and help in a lot of 
cases where constant false bobbin breaks are occurring.

Some very good friends of ours in Vermont that has 12 Amayas and one of them 
started giving him constant thread break issues. They also run a large 
screen print business with a huge dryer so the environment stays very dry 
and there is quite a lot of static build up at times. One day as an 
experiment he decided to ground out the thread break sensor by putting his 
finger on the side of the thread break sensor. As long as he left his finger 
on the sensor, no false bobbin breaks, take his finger off and within 30 
seconds he would get a repeat false bobbin break, Not very scientific, but 
the pattern was there. So he installed the small wire clips (ESD) and the 
false bobbin break issue was resolved.

 Might be worth a try.

Rod Springer

Embroidery Cottage
Rod & Sharon Springer
Melco Amaya Tech & Trainer
Design Shop Pro+ Digitizing

Boise, ID  83713

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>I actually tried it manually and I still got false breaks, it had happened
> before with OS version 6.08.027 so I shut off bobbin detect and forgot 
> about
> it, pinch rollers are all cleaned and greased also, still no change. I am 
> in
> the habit of checking my bobbin all the time so I don't worry about it
> running out but I am training someone else to run my machines and would 
> like
> it to work properly. Could it be a bad bobbin sensor? If so, is it 
> something
> I can change myself?
> Russell
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>> If Dianne's suggestions don't work, I suggest going "Standard" and turn
>> off
>> the Auto Actifeed.
>> Sharon
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>>> The first thing I check is the material thickness. If I get a lot of
>>> false
>>> thread breaks with no actual break the material thickness seems to be 
>>> too
>>> thick.
>>> Next I would check the red pinch rollers. Maybe clean and grease them.
>>> Dianne Hasemeyer
>>> D-Stitch Embroidery
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>>> Subject: [amayausers] False Bobbin Breaks
>>> Hi All,
>>>    I keep getting false bobbin breaks, I am using OS version 6.08.522
>>> with
>>> Auto Actifeed enabled, any suggestions?
>>> Thank you
>>> Russell Silva
>>> R.S. Embroidery
>>> 508-222-4433

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