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Here's what I can throw in...you can adjust the length of the 'tail' of thread 
left when it cuts. We had thread pulling out of the needles when we first got 
our big red-and tech found the thread length setting was on short-changed it to 
medium (?) I think-and it's been fine ever since.
False bobbin breaks...on small letters-we found density was too many 
stitches-increase (higher number) to get less stitches. Very rarely do I run
any small text under setting of 5 and breaks are none existent. 
False thread/bobbin breaks means the sensors are seeing 'loose' thread. This 
can mean your thread feed setting is off-it's spitting out thread faster than 
it is being sewn, or the presser foot is too high-material isn't being held 
down so the thread (bobbin) isn't being pulled tight.
Or, as we found once-a jacket had pulled the hoop arms down and slightly bent 
them-so any hoops loaded after that were pulling down on the needle plate. 
Material was too 'tight' on the plate and it caused thread breaks from the 
thread/bobbin being pulled too tight.
It's a highwire balancing act to get everything to work together...even having 
the needles off a little in the 'slight turn to right' instead of dead on 
straight can affect how it runs.
Now, in case your needle plate itself might have damage-take it off (and also, 
duh, we did this more than once-make sure you are not using the raised plate!) 
and rub a Q tip around the needle hole from both sides. If there is any burr 
there the cotton tip will snag and show you. This alone is enough to cut 
thread! If you ever had a needle snap chances are good it may have hit the side 
of the hole and left a miniscule burr you may not see. Our tech found the 
rotating 'knife' (I know, there is a technical term for it but I don't remember 
it) had a burr from a bent needle-thread and bobbin were breaking every 10-20 
stitches. I gave it a 'jeweler's polish' (I am a silversmith) and brought it 
back to mirror finish and it has been working fine for 4 years. No one had a 
spare at the time so I just went to my bench and took care of it. NOT 
recommended if you don't know how or have the proper polishing equipment.


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